TBounty Hunter Metal Detector

TBounty hunter metal detector Bounty hunter metal detectors are divided by category according to the level of the users

Bounty hunter metal detector for starter:

  • Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector

It can extend until 2 ¼ , it has ergonomic design and compact, you can do proportional the volume to strengthen the signal. Has the control for discrimination to assist in eliminating unwanted items. It can use by a 6 years old kid.

  • Metal Detector VLF

Has large depth detection with sensitivity settings/control, it can detect a coins size 5” deep up to 3” larger objects with six inches of weather resistant coil. Adjustable ground balance and it has variable levels to identify discrimination. Comfortable to use. Click here for more details.

  • Bounty Hunter VLF Metal Detector

Automatic ground balance system, sensitivity control, and motion all metal modes for discrimination control in eliminating bad stuff.

  • Gold Digger Metal Detector

It has earphones and auto ground balance and tuning

Bounty hunter metal detector for intermediate:

  • Fast Tracker Metal Detector

So easy to operate it has two tone audio, see through auto ground balancing for minerals and a motion all metal discrimination modes.

  • Tracker IV Metal Detector

It has an analog meter, three modes of operations, the user can control the discrimination and sensitivity. It has the best outcome in a different kind of soil because of the capability of ground balance.

  • Quick Silver Metal Detector

Full auto ground balance, one-touch depth control, the discrimination is a push button , three tones audio feedback, four segments digital target identification and it has a good view of LCD display.

Bounty hunter metal detector for advanced:

  • Quick Draw II Metal Detector

For target identification it’s digital and has a 9 segment, also in indicating coins is digital. It has Auto Notch and Variable modes.

  • Lone Star Metal Detector

3 operating modes flexibility for the different kinds of hunting, for eliminating an undesirable object it has an auto-notch. The target identification has five segments digital and three tones for audio feedback. It has touch pad selection for controlling the variable of discrimination.

  • Commando Metal Detector

Three mode operation, two tune audio for discrimination, three position switch mode of a motion detection, auto ground balance and sensitivity preset.

  • Land Star Metal Detector

It has two option in ground balancing either it is manual or automatic, maximizes the relic hunting because the discrimination is a four level iron. The visual target for identification it has a 9 segment and three tone audio.